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Ring the Trading Bell: Algo-Logic Unveils Pre-Trade Risk Check Solution Powered by Xilinx

Xilinx Employee
Xilinx Employee
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We love seeing our partners develop industry-first solutions with our technology and a prime example is today’s announcements from Algo-Logic, a provider of ultra-low latency trading solutions. At The Trading Show in Chicago, the company unveiled a new Pre-Trade Risk Check (PTRC) solution to verify Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) Rule 15c3-5 compliance. The industry leading FPGA-powered PTRC system can be deployed in industry-standard servers using our Alveo accelerator cards. It enables brokers and dealers to forward stock market orders from client machines to exchanges. Through an easy-to-use and secure Graphical User Interface, users can seamlessly configure a wide range of risk check parameters.


What’s most impressive? By accelerating the algorithms and verifying that orders comply with SEC regulations using Xilinx FPGA logic, the PTRC solution enables compliance checks to be completed in less than a millionth of a second. Traditional software-based PTRC implementations add many microseconds to milliseconds of latency to order flow. However, Algo-Logic’s FPGA solution allows trading on 10 Gigabit/second Ethernet links to complete a series of comprehensive risk checks in well under one microsecond.  Additionally, unlike other in-house and vendor PTRC solutions that take short cuts and forward runt packets, Algo-Logic’s new solution never emits data to an exchange that it is not intended to receive.

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Since the Alveo portfolio launched last year, we’ve been collaborating with our application ecosystem partners to deliver production-deployable acceleration solutions based on Alveo to our customers. The Algo-Logic PTRC system is a great example of this and the power of the highly flexible and adaptable Alveo platform.

The Algo-Logic PTRC system is available now. It is configured to run on the Alveo U200 accelerator card and is qualified for a broad range of industry-standard servers. Additional information can be found in the press release. We’ll be showcasing the new PTRC solution at The Trading Show in Chicago on May 8-9. Stop by the Xilinx booth #102 or Algo-Logic booth #300 to check it out.


Thank you for sharing though...Nicely written in simple and lucid language 


Wow..Such a nice and informative post...Made many doubts clear regarding tis function....Thank you so much