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Hints on starting with Vivado and Nexys 4 development

Hello I am new to FPGA and FPGA based tools and languages,


I have Nexys 4 board, Artix-7 powered which is my learining tool to cover gaps I have between Post silicon and pre silicon development environments. I believe Vivado is a pre-silicon sw development environment which would help me in this process. As a newbie I would like to know any other freebie that I can use to start with and other suggestions and reading for post-si sw dev.


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Re: Hints on starting with Vivado and Nexys 4 development

I have the board and cannot make it program in either Vivado or in the Digilent programmer tool, Adept.


In Vivado, I go to hardware session and try and open a new hardware target

and get the attached error message.

I also have tried using the Digilent Adept software tool to connect to the
board and download an FPGA image and this also fails.
(See the attached image)

Can anyone provide instructions as to how to program the Nexys 4 PCB?

I am using the J6 connector, which is a micro USB connected through
a USB cable to my host PC.

I have not altered any of the jumpers from their factory defaults.
When the power switch is turned on and I can see that the BIST runs
and then the seven segment displays light up in a moving pattern.
What am I missing?
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Re: Hints on starting with Vivado and Nexys 4 development

Here is what I am told in a tech support email from Digilent: 1. Nexys4 cannot be programmed with current version of Vivado. We hope problems will be resolved in the next version. Read more on http://www.xilinx.com/support/answers/57385.htm 2. Adept is not able to program Nexys4. And it won’t be. 3. Use iMPACT for programming. They couldn't be bothered to put this very relevant information into their user manual.