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Registered: ‎11-12-2018

ZCU102 faster boot via JTAG combined with network interface (e.g. 20x faster)

Speedup of system boot times
  • A JTAG link allows a boot of a zcu102 linux system that takes approximately 28 minutes (maybe longer for big system images).
  • The zcu102 board has a network interface supported by U-boot, and using this allows transferring a system image and booting to a linux login to take approx. 75 seconds.
  • By suitably configuring U-boot default_bootcmd on the ZynqMP board to use tftpboot, a "petalinux-boot --jtag --u-boot" can trigger a network based download and boot of image.ub from your tftp server (which has usually been setup as part of the tools install). This assumes that your petalinux-build is updating files in area /tftpboot (I believe this is the default).
  • The attached text file shows some verification tests and then how to set it up with a command like:

    setenv default_bootcmd "dhcp && tftpboot <TFTPSERVER_IP_NUMBER>:image.ub && bootm"

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