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Registered: ‎10-04-2018

Locked IP on ZCU104. Certificate based license.

I have purchased a zcu104 development board from Xilinx which came with a Certificate based license.

There are some IP in the design, specific to the zcu104,  which are locked and I get errors that say "This IP requires a valid license". I have checked the version of the Vivado software that is required for this IP and it is the current version that I am using, 2018.3 .

I have attempted to generate the target with

"generate_target -force all [get_files]"

The result was:

"Block design contains locked IPs. Please run report_ip_status for more details and recommendations on how to fix this issue."

I am somewhat confused about licensing in that at the Xilinx licencing site I have the option to choose various tools but I do not know which license is required for a specific third party IP such as is required for the development board.

Thank You


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