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Registered: ‎11-19-2019

Trying to add DPU example to xapp1305

I heed to add the DPU to our current Petalinux. We are basing our petalinux off the xapp1305. I need to add the DPU example to this. I have added opencv to the petalinux and I am using the scp to copy the resnet50 from the TRD described in pg338 files to our petalinux. I however seem to be missing stuff when i try to run resnet50. Do you have information to help me add the DPU flow to my petalinux. I am following pg338 but it's not enough information. 
I am using 2019.1 and I'm trying to run it on our board. 
The issue is I can't run the TRD app directly because files are transferred to the SD card in the pg388 and we only have flash. In our case I'm using scp to transfer the files to our petalinux so i'm basing it off the xap1305 and trying to add all the required 
stuff for the DPU to our build.


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Registered: ‎03-27-2013

Hi @boris.khasin ,


I only have Vitis custom platform for 2019.2:

Vitis 2020.1:

For 2019.1 + Vivado  maybe you can refer to DPU intergration lab.

But the document is deleted from offical repository.

You can try to find it from the Github forked repository.

Best Regards,
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