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Xilinx Employee
Xilinx Employee

Last week we examined the AXI VIP, which we use when working with memory-mapped AXI or AXI-Lite. This week, we will examine the AXI Stream VIP, which is similar in behavior but has enough key differences to warrant a separate blog.

The AXI Stream VIP is extremely useful when we want to generate signal and image processing IP that use AXI Stream for interfacing. Using the AXI VIP, we can generate stimulus data and of course act as a slave to ensure data is output from the UUT.

Compared to the AXI VIP previously examined, the AXI Stream VIP is much simpler to get up and running, although it does use the same two elements in the static and dynamic environments. Again, the static element is what we create in Vivado, and the dynamic is what we implement and control in the test bench.



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