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How to set CONFIG.MEM_WIDTH from the IP tcl script?

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Registered: ‎10-17-2016

How to set CONFIG.MEM_WIDTH from the IP tcl script?

I have created an IP that requires a BRAM block for storage. That same BRAM needs to be accessed via AXI, so I make it a dual port BRAM and connect it to a AXI BRAM Controller. The AXI BRAM Controller sets the BRAM block to 64 bit MEM_WIDTH which is fine.


My IP block has a 64 bit wide BRAM_DIN and BRAM_DOUT port, so it would actually fit. The problem: its property CONFIG.MEM_WIDTH gets set to 32 bit by default.


How can I set this property from the VHDL source or from the tcl script, so it will get set correctly when adding the IP block?