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Xilinx Employee
Xilinx Employee
Registered: ‎05-31-2017

Best way to download Xilinx Design Tools


Have you ever noticed while streaming Netflix videos, sometime the video blurs and then returns to high quality very quickly? Do you know what Netflix did in-between those few seconds? Along with adaptive bitrate streaming, it is basically continuously scanning for best CDN(Content Delivery Network) servers that can deliver data-packets faster.

Netflix may have mastered this but techniques to deliver large amount of data without any interruption have been around for few years now. For example, at Xilinx, we have been using Web Installer with such features that enables faster downloads without any interruptions.


Typical download size for Vivado Design Suite is around 20GB – downloading such a large sum of data may not always go smooth depending upon the network and the machine you are using. Web Installer is designed to solve such issues and offers many other features along with faster download.

So let’s take a look at the various features that Web Installer offer:


Smart, resilient and reliable downloads

Web Installer opens multiple sockets to download the data-packets – this multi-threaded approach using multiple connection makes download much faster. 

Web Installer is also very tolerant of network issues and downloads data in small chunks. It also verifies each data chunk and confirms it was downloaded successfully and retry the download as needed. This mechanism ensures you have a reliable and complete set of files at the end. 

Web Installer also offers a resume option – if your download is interrupted then Web Installer will pick up where it left off.


Web installer both a download manager and installer 

Not only can you use Web Installer to download and install in one-shot, you also have the ability for “Download Full Image” option as well. If you select this option, you can download and archive the image and install it later on when you are ready. This is an ideal solution if you want to install the tools to multiple internal sites which may not have internet connection.

Also, did you notice that you can download full images for Windows and Linux both together? 




Download only what you need – pick what you need and download only those options

Web Installer allows you to pick and choose the options you need so you are downloading only what you are using instead of downloading huge (>20GB) full images.



But wait, what if I decide that I need to add additional design tools and devices later on? Well you can add additional device or design tools after initial installation using “Add Design Tools or Devices" feature. 




As you can see Web Installer packs both network related features and content related features in one easy-to-use lightweight(less than 100 MB) package. No wonder, most users of Xilinx tools use Web Installer as their choice of downloading Xilinx design tools.

I encourage anyone still using SFD(Single File Download) to embrace Web installer technology from Xilinx to avoid dealing with dropped connection and restarting downloads from scratch. 

Happy Downloading!!


About Author:

Satyam is a Product Manager focused on simulation & verification solutions along with IP encryption, Install and licensing tools.  His practical engineering experience includes areas in Solid state electronics, digital designing, functional verification and product management. In his 11 years of career he has worked in wide range of engineering positions that include FPGA Designing, Applications Engineering and Product Management. Satyam received his B.S. in Electronics Engineering from Sardar Patel University, India in 2003 and M.S in Electrical Engineering from NJIT, New Jersey in 2005. Satyam is Pragmatic Marketing-III certified and he is an active participant of various industry affiliations such as IEEE and Accellera.


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Re: Best way to download Xilinx Design Tools

Surporting IPV6 network is better !!!

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