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Registered: ‎03-31-2014

XC95xx - programming software and accessories required.



Since I inherited of  legacy products at our company, I need to be able to program and debug the following parts: XC9572-10PC84C and XCS40-3PQ208C.


In order to adequately do so, I would be looking for:


1)      JTAG programmer – Ideally a USB to JTAG. I believe at the time, DB25 connectors were used…

2)      JTAG programmer software/drivers. I believe at the time Webpack X.X was used.

3)      Development environment. Should I need to modify one or two things, including the device part for another device within the same family: speed grade, temperature grade, MacroCell count, etc…


I searched on Xilinx web site, but was not able to find exactly what I was looking for.


Does anyone know where I could get those items ?


Thanks for your support,


Kind regards,



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Registered: ‎08-14-2007

Of the two, the XCS40 is going to be the biggest problem.  The last ISE / Foundation tools that supported this device were 4.x and those did not have XST synthesis yet.  In addition the simulation and schematic tools were provided by Aldec (Foundation 4.1i was last version for these tools) and since then Xilinx no longer has an agreement with Aldec to supply licenses for them.  For HDL designs you'd need a third party synthesis tool.


I'm assuming that someone in your orginization at one time had the proper tool sets for these components.  Your best bet is to start by trying to dig them up.  I have the Foundation 4.1 tools still running under Windows XP with valid licenses for the Aldec and FPGA Express front ends.  In those days the license was node-locked to the DOS drive serial number which is easy to change if you need to reproduce the environment from a no-longer existing computer.  You can find the expected drive serial number in the license files if you still have them.  If not, it's going to be tough to get the proper tools.


The XC95xx devices were still supported by ISE 10.1i and should be no problem to configure with a USB JTAG cable.




-- Gabor
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