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Visitor xc3030
Registered: ‎01-20-2019

[XACTstep] Xilinx Parallel port hardware key types

Hi all, I'm new to the forums.

I have installed XACTstep 6 with Xilinx PROseries and Xilinx foundation(active-cad) In a computer that I prepares for that purpose but I have come across some problems when trying to read my xilinx hardware keys from xkey.exe, it doesn't find any hardware key attached.

At first I was using a dell GX1 (W98 SE), with the built In parallel port In ECP mode but xkey.exe didn't find any hardware key attached. After that try I installed an addon parallel port and configured it In SPP mode, but still no luck.

I think that maybe I'm not using the right hardware key. Please, may someone tell me how many types of parallel port hardware keys exist, or give me some directions? I know of the black ones (I have these), but its part number search doesn't result In anything. I know that also exist white cream ones with the Xilinx logo engraved In the plástic, but this appear to be Sentinel type, and I don't know if xkey.exe reads them.


Edit:searching more In the Internet I've read that I need a Xilinx C key, and then I remembered reading something long ago related with Xilinx AA and Xilinx AB keys, but I don't know which one is which one.

I attach a picture that I found In the Internet of a hardware key which is physically equal to mine.




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