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Spartan 6/DDS 4.0 Phase Offset/Simulink

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Registered: ‎12-05-2017

Spartan 6/DDS 4.0 Phase Offset/Simulink


  I'm trying to get a DDS 4.0 instance working in Simulink with programmable phase offset angle.  As an initial test, I'm feeding constants to we/data input ports.  The DDS 4.0 instance works fine with no programmable phase offset, however with 0/0 fed to we/data input ports the DDS does not to generate sinusoids.  I should be able to strobe we for a clock and write a -1->1 bounded fixed point value to the data port and see the phase shift.  Could be initialization issue, however w/o phase offset input DDS starts up fine.  Is there some initialization sequence I should be following for setting phase offset?