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Registered: ‎06-10-2011

Block Diagram

Hello, I just have a simple question for people more familiar with the Xilinx tools. I am currently using v12.3 but I don't think it matters and I have a fairly large XPS project that i open through the gui or non-gui. The other day I was simply trying to print the block diagram and noticed that one wasn't generated. So I clicked on generate block diagram within the GUI and it failed, simply telling me Java is out of heapspace.


I changed the min/max size of the heapspace before but I am unsure what command you give Java to specify new values manually.


For example


java 'options-parameter for specifying new heap space values' target


I don't know what "target" is since it is happening behind the scenes within the Gui. Strace ceased to ouput anything after the Gui is launched and when using strace -f to print out children processes, I still am unable to come up with anything


My second question is, is there anyway to disable generation of block diagrams on the newer versions (v12.3 and up?)



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