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Registered: ‎02-12-2016

Downgrading a project to an older Vivado version

I am experiencing a memory issue with Vivado 2019 and in my frustration I wish to try reverting to 2018 in order to just get this to work. Well.

Running my project.tcl script with an underlying block diagram tcl script in 2018 gives me an error stating that this script was run in 2019 and must be rerun in 2019, then the project should be opened in 2018 and the block diagram rerun or opened in that version or whatever.

Opening the project in 2018 gives me another message, stating that it is now in read-only mode and I must save as in order to do so. In my confusion I didn't first understand whether this meant going back to 2019 and doing save as so that is what I did. To no vail. Eventually I understood that this message meant that I had to click save as, WHILE I was in 2018, thereby being able to open the project with write priviliges.

SO finally, that gives me the following errors:

BD 41-2004 The design in BD file X is empty. An error must have occurred while reading the file
BD 41-469 Cannot find top attribute on <BD:repository> element in BD file
BD41-1157 Failed to parse Design X from BD file
BD 41-425 Failed to read Diagram X from BD file

Come on. What is the procedure for simply being able to run this project in 2018.2 instead of 2019.1?

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Registered: ‎07-12-2019

For what it's worth, I get similar results and messges when opening a design saved in 2018.3 with 2018.1. My teammates are quicker to upgrade but I can't (for other reasons).

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