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Visitor aiannuzzi
Registered: ‎01-31-2019

Vivado cannot associate ELF in IP-Packager

Hello, I'm trying to import a design with a Microblaze, in a IP with IP-Packager. I succeed in importing the design, making the "source" of the .tcl file, related to the bd Microblaze design.
I add the .ELF, and associate to the micro, properly.
But Vivado write a CRITICAL WARNING message:

"CRITICAL WARNING: The association of a ELF file is not supported by this version of Vivado."
I am using 2018.2.
Can you please suggest if there is a newer version, supporting this feature ?
I need to import a uBlaze design in a design with IP-Packager, and I want to associate the .ELF compiled software to the uBlaze.

If a standard design flow with IP-Packager cannot do it, can you please suggest a workaround ?

Kind regards,

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