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Registered: ‎01-30-2013

file path slash incompatibility between Windows and Linux ISE

I am supporting Xilinx firmware compiled in an older ISE version 14.4.  The project contains embedded RAM with initialized .coe file data.  The RAM .xco files in the project call out the path to its initalized data .coe file (set up in the RAM coregen tool).  We must compile outside of a closed lab using Linux cluster and then recompile the firmware in a closed lab using Windows version of ISE (this is a program constraint I can't change).  On Linux, the file path uses a forward slash (e.g. ./sram_init.coe).    However, when the firmware is copied onto the Windows PC, ISE has an error since it cannot find the file due to it wanting a backward slash (e.g. .\sram_init.coe).  I've tried removing the ./ in the coregen tool since the .coe file is in the current folder, but the ISE tool puts it back in.  Anyone know of a way to get around this?  If not, does anyone have a script or something similar (e.g. TCL script) that will scan through a .xco text file, replace the '/' with a '\' and write it back out to the same file?

Thanks, Grady

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