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Registered: ‎06-08-2017

OOC module with IDELAYCTRL

I'm using the hierarchical design flow from UG905/946. I want to implement a module with ISERDESs and IDELAYs. When I try to run OOC implementation I get the following error:

HDOOC-4#1: 2 Cells are found with no placement constraints. Failure to control placement of logic with either a Pblock or a LOC constraint may result in placement conflicts if the out-of-context implementation results are reused in a top-level design. The following is a list of cells (up to the first 15) with no placement constraints:
        inputdelay (IDELAYCTRL)
        inputdelay_REPLICATED_0 (IDELAYCTRL)
inputdelay, inputdelay_REPLICATED_0

From a normal design flow I know that the IDELAYCTRLs usually go 

LOC IDELAYCTRL_X0Y0 NAME [get_cells mod0_inst/inputdelay]
LOC IDELAYCTRL_X0Y2 NAME [get_cells mod0_inst/inputdelay_REPLICATED_0]

How can I tell the placer to put the IDELAYCTRLs in these locations during OOC implementation? Or is this not necessary and I'm doing something else incorrectly?

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