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Registered: ‎07-01-2018

OpenCV to xfOpencv ZCU104 tutorial

I have a ZCU104 and worked through the OpenCV to xfOpenCV tutorial from this link ( I swapped out the board files from the zcu102-rv-ss to zcu104-rv-ss. Everything successfully built in SDSoC, however when I bring the 4 files from the tutorial over to my board and run "./colordetect image.jpg" I am met with nothing. The ZCU104 is unresponsive and generates no output or warnings or errors. I am unable to kill the program with CTRL-C or any other attempts other than to turn off the board. I am wondering if there is an additional step or something to have this tutorial run on the ZCU104.

I built the system using the code from the source folder and followed the tutorial, as well as building the solution folder code. Both with the same result.

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