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Registered: ‎01-20-2017

Understanding what happens when upgrade_ip

I have a block diagram project that integrates my own custom block diagram.  I've made some recent changes to my custom block and to integrate these changes with the top level project, I follow a three step process:


1. I refresh my IP repositories

2. I run 'report_ip_status'

3. I run 'upgrade_ip [get_ips *]


I've noticed when I run the last Tcl command, I get a number of info lines that say, e.g.

Adding cell -- - axi_quad_spi_0

... and a bunch of other lines that start with 'Adding cell' referring to all the IP in my design.  I could swear that I have not seen this 'Adding cell' set of steps in previous efforts to upgrade_ip.  What does it mean when the tools try to add all these cells back to the design?  


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