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Quickly install Cable Drivers for Xilinx Platform Cable USB II on Windows 10

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This blog entry contains steps for installing the Xilinx JTAG cable drivers for the Xilinx Platform Cable USB II on Windows 10. 

Normally you would open Vivado Hardware Manager and select "Open target" --> "Auto Connect/open new target". But what happens when you do this and nothing works?


To install the drivers, you will need to follow the steps below.

Step 1:

  • Connect the platform cable.
  • Now go to device manager in Windows, right click on “Platform USB” and select “Uninstall”.


Step 2:

  • When the uninstall window pops up, check the box that says “Delete the driver software for this device.”
  • Click OK.


Step 3:

  • Once driver uninstall completes please disconnect the programming cable.
  • Launch the command prompt in administrator mode and navigate to "C:\Xilinx\Vivado\<your Vivado version>\data\xicom\cable_drivers\nt64\dlc10_win7".
    For example, for Vivado 2019.1 the directory will be
  • Once in this directory please run the below commands:
wdreg -compat -inf %cd%\windrvr6.inf uninstall
wdreg -compat -inf %cd%\xusbdrvr.inf uninstall
wdreg -compat -inf %cd%\windrvr6.inf install
wdreg -compat -inf %cd%\xusbdrvr.inf install


Step 4:

  • Open Vivado Hardware Manager and select "Open target" --> "Auto Connect"?
  • You will now be able to detect the JTAG chain. 


Driver Installation Verification

  • When you connect the Platform Cable to your PC, Windows device manager will report the Xilinx Platform Cable II firmware Loader and  the Amber light will be ON. 



  • Upon connecting the powered ON HW target, you might see the Green light on the Platform Cable. In device manager, the cable name will be changed to Xilinx USB cable. 



  • Driver version after a successful installation:



Following the steps above should allow you to quickly take action to reinstall the cable drivers and to get back on track and working with our devices again.

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   I was doing the same thing, but my computer still can't find the device in win10, but the same cable uses in my old computer in win7, can find the device.

what should I do?