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Xilinx Online Support Resources - where to find them and which should you use?

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Community Manager
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Xilinx has a number of Online resources including Documentation, Answer Records, a Wiki, and the forums you are reading this blog entry on.

Which resource you should check first depends on the type of design you are working on and what stage of the design you are at.

This blog entry contains information on each of these resources and the best time to use them.





Which resource should I use?


Getting started:


Download the Documentation Navigator to find our formal Documentation for the product.

You can also find these documents on the Documentation section of the Xilinx Support Site.

Look for a Design Hub on the Xilinx Support Site.

These pages provide introductory material, key concepts, and links to documentation for various design tasks and tools.

I have read the documentation and want to learn more about a topic:


Look for a Solution Center on the topic on the support site.

For embedded Designs, use the Xilinx Wiki to expand on what you have learned from the documentation.


I have encountered a specific issue:


Use the Search functionality on the Xilinx Support Site, which will return results from our documentation, Answer Records including Known Issues and Design Advisories, Our Forums, and the Wiki.


Xilinx Support Resources


Doc Alerts


Before we go into detail on the different systems, did you know that Xilinx has an alert system that will notify you when Product Documentation is updated or published, including Product Change/Discontinuation Notices, and Design Advisory Answer Records?

 You can follow the steps in (Xilinx Answer 18683) to set this up now for the Xilinx products you are interested in.

Note: The Notifications system does not automatically add new products to your alerts when they come out. If a new Xilinx product is released which you are interested in, make sure to add it to your existing alerts.


Documentation Navigator


The Xilinx Documentation Navigator is a free tool which comes with Vivado but can also be downloaded separately. 



It features simple filter functionality to help you find documentation relevant to your Xilinx device or product, and an Update Catalog button which downloads the latest versions of each document.

DocNAv 2.png

You can also filter by type of document, as in the example below which just returns errata:



Design Hubs:


In addition to filtering by products, the Documentation Navigator also features Design hubs which are organized around particular topics.

They provide introductory material, key concepts, and FAQs along with quick access to the appropriate documentation, videos, and other support resources.

For example, the topic of Boot and Configuration under Embedded Design gives you the resources below:





Note: Design Hubs can also be accessed via the Xilinx Support site if you do not wish to download the Documentation Navigator:



Xilinx Support Site


The Xilinx Support site is accessed from

It contains the same documentation as the Documentation Navigator, but also includes the Xilinx Knowledge Base and Community Forums.


A search term entered in the Search box here will return results from all of these resources along with the Xilinx Wiki.

This is a good option if you are encountering a particular issue or situation in your design and want to find more information.


Xilinx Knowledge Base


The Xilinx Knowledge Base is made up of Answer Records, short articles which are supplementary to the formal documentation.

Articles can describe known issues, explain error messages, or give general guidance on your design.


Note: If you encounter an error message in Vivado Design Suite, you can also search to see if there is an Answer Record related to it from within the tool:




Design Advisories:


Design Advisories are a special type of Answer Record containing information about issues which are potentially severe enough to be design halting.

Notifications about new or updated Design Advisories are sent out as part of the alerts system mentioned above. It is recommended to sign up for alerts by following the steps in (Xilinx Answer 18683) so that if there are any Design Advisories for your product you will be notified.


Solution Centers


Solution Centers gather all of the Answer Records related to a product or topic together for your convenience. Solution Centers are not created for every topic, but are created based on demand.

They contain tabs for the following:

Design Assistants:

Design Assistant Answer records contain concise step-by-step debug information and are organized to guide you through the recommended design flow.


Links to all of the relevant documentation.

Design Advisories:

Links to all related Design Advisories.

Top Issues:

Links to Frequently Asked Questions and relevant Known Issues answer records.




The Xilinx Forums are also a great resource for support, as other customers might have a similar use-case to you, or might have run into a similar issue. Xilinx Employees Moderate the forums and regularly take part in discussions here. The forums also include a number of blogs, including the Design and Debug Techniques blog that you are reading this article on.


Accepted Solutions


To make it easier to determine high quality answers in the forum, posts which resolve the issue can be marked as an accepted solution by the original poster.





Xilinx Wiki

The Xilinx Wiki has an embedded design focus, covering topics such as Linux and U-boot, and providing getting started tutorials and reference designs for MicroBlaze, Zynq-7000, and Zynq UltraScale+ devices.

Material in the wiki is intended to be supplementary to the User Guides, so make sure to check the formal documentation first, then use the wiki to build out your knowledge.





As Xilinx provides more libraries for Vitis and other software resources on GitHub, more software focused documentation such as tutorials is planned to be published alongside it.



Information is also provided via Jupyter Notebooks.


Xilinx Training


In addition to the free resources above, Xilinx also provides a number of paid training courses.


Classroom training


This instructor-led training offers an extensive curriculum delivered by experts worldwide in a personalized and immersive classroom environment.



Virtual Training


Virtual Classroom Training is delivered via an innovative technical training portal. The focus is on high quality and interactive live training.



Video on Demand


The Video On-Demand offering provides self paced courses which are delivered online and include lecture, demonstrations, and labs.