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Registered: ‎02-25-2010

Adding custom interface

Hello everyone,
I'd like to add some custom interface to several IPs of my design (these IPs would act as a kind of firewall). I'm gonna explain it if it's not clear :

Instead of having my IP (or my Microblaze) directly connected to my PLB bus, I want to connect it to a custom interface first. The order will be "IP/Microblaze<=>Custom Interface<=>PLB Bus". Therefore, it will be easy to add this system if I made my own IP.

I've seen some things within the appnote 529 where the FSL bus is used to create a custom block between the bus and the microprocessor. But it's only for a microprocessor.


Do you see any other possibilities to add these interfaces to existing blocks ?

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Registered: ‎01-09-2009

I don't know whether I understand your question correctly or not. But take a look at this link, you might get your answer.


the link I sent you doesn't go into details. But If you follow it carefully, you'll notice that you are able to do much more complex (and interesting) things.


If this is not what you want, please explain your problem a little more.



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