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Visitor tsahi135
Registered: ‎04-16-2009

Building Boot loader which contains an OS

Hi all,

In the "Program Flash Memory" Gui in the SDK 11.4 there is a restriction:

"Standalone-based software platform required for building booloader application is not available in the workspace"


1. Why can't a bootloader program contain an OS? (Assuming my PROM and BRAM are large enough to contain it)

2. Can I create an .mcs file and use it as a boot loader just by programming it to the PROM? and can that file contain an OS?


Thanks in advance to all future repliers..


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Registered: ‎07-14-2008

Re: Building Boot loader which contains an OS

A bootloader is a program being imprinted into the generated bit files and run from internal BRAMs after the FPGA configuration is done. Hence, it has to be very small as the number of available (aka free as in not used by any other logic core) BRAMs is usually very limited.


In theory, you could use an OS based application, but it's just not practical. Usually you write a bootloader to simply copy your OS, application and other necessary stuff to an external RAM device and run your application from there.