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Visitor jackalee
Registered: ‎06-04-2018

Data initialize on elf for simulation

I am a beginner of vivado and sdk tool.

I am trying to simulation my ip with .elf generated with SDK.

Firtly I used Xil_out32() to write data for BRAMs on my block design.

I confirmed my ip in simulation level.

But later on I will use data from external memory like DDR3 and BRAM.

I want to initialize BRAM at this time with data I will use for my ip to confirm their operation.

I will finally initialize DDR memory later.

So I have looked through documents of xilinx and have found that updatemem tcl command will do for initialization for bram as well as ddr memory.

But I am confused some things about it.

I have prepared for a mem file. and .elf file from SDK.

For update later with bitstream file, using updatemem on vivado console is right way to do. ( Is it right?)

For simulation with elf file, I think I need to initialize .elf file with data for bram.

Is it right initializing bram with .elf file for simulation purpose?

I would like to initialize some data on bram first and when the ip starts operating,

use the initialized data for my ip.

Also I have found that mmi file and bmm file in <project name>.runs/impl .

Are these files the files ( not need to edit or regenerate ) for using updatemem tcl?

Or should I generate bmm, mmi files with other tcl command or tools or write by myself?

I am appreciating in advance for any advice and helps.


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