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Registered: ‎12-06-2007

GPIO Design With UART

Good morning ,


   I am trying to do a traffic light system, so I planning to use the Expansion Headers as Microblaze GPIO. How can I focus on particular header pin (ML401) instead of shifting it? For example :-

First  , 5 seconds trigger  J6,Pin2 (AA24)

Then , 3 seconds trigger  J6,Pin6 (AC25)

Then , 2 seconds trigger  J6,Pin8 (AC24)


And in ucf, I need to insert AA24, AC25 , AC24. But how the EDK knows which particular header pin need to trigger at given time when I write in C code? In ISE it is simple. For example :-  when I write the VHDL code a <= b AND c , I just need to assign a as AA24, b  as AC25 , and c as AC24 in the UCF Pin Location. Is there any particular rules that I need to know when I write the C code?



  I am quite new to FPGA. Would you mind explaning step by step in a simple way.

Thank you.

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