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Registered: ‎05-12-2017

Getting Error in transferring data from bram to ddr using cdma in scatter gather mode

Hi all,


Here I am doing project in which I want to do data transfer process from block ram to ddr using cdma ip block. I am using cdma block in scatter gather mode. Given below is block design of my project. Address mapping is also given below.Block_design.PNG


I am also attaching application file of my project. I am using xaxicdma_example_sg_poll as a reference example. Application is stuck in SetupTransfer() function at XAxiCdma_BdRingCreate(). It shows "BD max transfer length 0" on display. Can anyone tell me that is there anything wrong in block design or in application file.


If anyone can guide me with this project, it would be great.

Thank you

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