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Participant amistad
Registered: ‎09-28-2012

How to adapt the peripherals to the BSP when using AXI Chip2Chip Bridge ?

I want to adapt AXI chip2chip bridge to separate the uBlaze and peripherals (includes UART, DDR3 memory, GPIO) into Board-A and Board-B. 

1.  I build the example project by following the instructions in ug940 lab4, 
and the UART, DDR3, and GPIO are verified. 
2. I build the example project by following the instructions in ug1160,
and the AXI chip2chip bridge is verified. 
3. I adapt the ug1160 to the ug940-lab with separating the (uBlaze, GPIO, DDR3) and UART
into into Board-A and Board-B , and connected by AXI C2C bridge. 
the LED indicator the AXI C2C bridge shows the link is work without error. 
4. I try to create the BSP to perform the peripherals as ug940-lab4. 
Since there is no UART in Board-A, the BSP does not create the UART associated  libraries 
and configurations. 
Please show me how to make BSP to create the platform when hardware does not have the 
corresponding IPs like DDR3, UART and GPIO. 
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