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Registered: ‎09-19-2014

Importing SDK preferences in Tcl script

I'm using SDK 2015.4, and wish to create a whole workspace project using a Tcl script, including importing my preferences. I'm stuck on the preferences part.


I see in this link it refers to keeping your .project and .cproject files:


My current method to restore the preferences is to copy several files from Cbb.sdk\.metadata\.plugins\org.eclipse.core.runtime\.settings using the Tcl command "file copy -force ....".


It works, except that one critical file, org.eclipse.cdt.core.prefs, is always overwritten by a default version of the file (two lines of preferences instead of 15KB of preferences). Even when the last line of the Tcl script is "file copy -force" for this org.eclipse.cdt.core.prefs file, it still overwrites it when you inspect the project directory afterwards! I could write a shell script to do file copies to run after the Tcl script, but I'd rather not.


1. How are preferences intended to be imported in a Tcl script?

2. Why is org.eclipse.cdt.core.prefs always overwritten?

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