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Registered: ‎08-30-2011

Interrupt doesn´t work while loops are executiong


I´m working with SDK and now I have a Problem with my interrupts.

When the Program is in a for- or while-loop, the Interrupts doesn´t work. Without the loop everithing is fine.

but I need that loop and I can´t imagine that a loop can prevent an interrupt...

the code looks similar to this:




my_event is a global char variable and initialized with 0. When an interrupt occurs the variable is set to 1, but at the moment I never set it to 1. So it´s an endless-loop at the moment. But why aren´t my Interrupts working? 

My Interrupt that doesn´t work is the Hard_Ethernet_Mac-interrupt.


My programm is running on SD_RAM from the ML507 board. 

In XPS I´ve seen, that the SD-Ram is in the interrupt controller. I tried to put it out of the interruptcontroller, but than nothing worked. So I changed it again.

Than I read another thread about optimation. I tried to declare the variable as volatile. In two different ways:

volatile char my_event = 0;


char volatile my_event = 0;

but it also doesn´t work.


I´m happy for everything what could help.


Regards Jan

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