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Visitor kunearth
Registered: ‎03-02-2012

Packet Fifo does not write when last is asserted or is full

Hi all:


I have created a Packet FIFO for SP601:

- 2048 deepth

- tlast

- common clock

- block ram


As you can see my simulation, I am writing 2048 data at the input. When the data is 1024 I am writing a TLAST = '1' for one cycle.

After my 2048th data, the fifo's input ready goes to = '0'.

The fifo write port 's ready is always set to '1' (ready to write)


My problem is: I don't why the fifo is not writing in two scenarios:

1. When Tlast is asserted

2. When the fifo is full.


Thank you!

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