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Registered: ‎09-12-2019

Question on post-build steps with Vitas IDE 19.2

I’ve created a DOS batch file that I execute after building my project (using the “post-build” step). When I execute the batch file from the DOS command window, everything works fine but when the IDE executes the batch file, there is a problem with the batch file reading/writing Windows Environment Variables. I tried searching the Xilinx website for “post-build” but I didn’t find anything.

Is there is any documentation for adding/running post-build steps?

Is there  special syntax I need to use to read/write Windows Environment Variables?

Everything else is working in the batch file, I can execute Perl scripts, execute DOS commands, create tar files, all within the batch file, I just can’t get Windows Environment Variables working.

Attached is my batch file. 

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