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Registered: ‎12-07-2015

SDK - XMD JTAG boot; DDR3 not written


I am using a ZC702 and want to get some data from the PL to the PS. Therefor I use the SDK to programm the PS. I use for different reasons vivado and sdk 2015.4 My routine in XMD is:

1. fpga -f *.bit

2. connect arm hw

3. dow fsbl.elf

4. run

5. stop

6. dow mySDK.elf

7. run

8. stop

9. mdr 0xa000000 10


Usually some values in my DDR4 should change which I should see with the mdr command. But sadly nothing changes there. The mwr command works, so I think the fsbl is correct.

What is strange to me - when I insert"stop" in xmd this appears:

XMD% stop
Processor stopped


But when I look at examples it should look like this:

XMD% stop
Processor stopped

XMD% User Interrupt, Processor Stopped at 0x00123421

Now, when I write dow mySDK.elf after the stop this comes up:

Processor started. Type "stop" to stop processor
User Interrupt, Processor Stopped at 0x0000ebc0
Processor Reset .... Done
Downloading Program -- mySDK.elf
section .....
Download Progress.
Setting PC with Program Start Adress 0x00100000

The line with User Interrupt should not be here - i do not know if thats important.

So then at step 9 i can see the ddr where i should have written to. But there are all random values.

can anyone help me please?

kind regards


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