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Observer ajroth
Registered: ‎04-14-2015

Same Src Code - Project Mode .bit build embedded uB .elf works but Non Project .bit result dosn't work?

Vivado 2014.2 build via project mode .bit file has working Microblaze / .elf file runs but non-project mode build with same source code seems to never allow the microblaze to run...? (build from same exact code base)

Why would this be?  Anything specifically I should look for, in log files, etc?


The differnce in the Make systems are that Project Mode build uses / allows the use of export_hardware -bit command providing the .bit files that works and a system.xml file for xsdk but with non-project mode I get:

"WARNING: [Common 17-210] 'export_hardware' is deprecated, please use 'write_hwdef' for pre synthesis export and 'write_sysdef' after bitstream instead."


So I then use those steps and generate_bitstream command, using that resulting .bit file.  Is this the correct process?



Basically I have a known .elf file that works with the project mode build -

I have 2 .bit builds that should be very similar just built one in project mode, one in non project mode.

I load the .bit builds and then the .elf via xmd:


fpga -f <files>

connect mb mdm

dow <file.elf>


disconnect 0



Both appear to load successfully and start the microblaze acording to XMD but simple hardware verification testing with a UART I have for RS232 console in/out doesn't do anything with the non-project mode .bit build.


I'll look into chipscoping/ila probing some stuff - but I think I'm missing a step/doing something wrong when generating the .bitstream for non-proj mode build...


Should I have to create a new/different .elf file for each of the 2 builds - what would/neet to be different for the two?

Is there a way to extract the .bit file from the non-proj .sysdef files .bit file and use that one or something like that insteam of what generate_bitstream gives me?














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