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Visitor ste3191
Registered: ‎05-12-2012

System generator and XPS

Hi guys I have a problem with XPS.

I have a a peripheral VHDL with AXI4lite bus in communication with MicroBlaze. Into this peripheral there is a block done with System Generator for signal processing.

 When I generate the bitstream (processor + peripheral), in the map report all blocks of system generator are removed and in the summary view I see only the DSP of Microblaze. Why the block of sysgen is removed?

In the creation of the peripheral in XPS, I imported 2 files vhd of sysgen ( toplevel.vhd and toplevel_cw.vhd) and all ngc files generated. What I forget?

The block of sysgen doesn't talk with processor, therefore I don't need EDK processor in system generator.


Thanks to all



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