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Observer wpmoorenasa
Registered: ‎05-08-2019

What does XScuGic_InterruptHandler do?

Just answering my question so that its easy to find again:

* This function is the primary interrupt handler for the driver. It must be
* connected to the interrupt source such that it is called when an interrupt of
* the interrupt controller is active. It will resolve which interrupts are
* active and enabled and call the appropriate interrupt handler. It uses
* the Interrupt Type information to determine when to acknowledge the interrupt.
* Highest priority interrupts are serviced first.
* This function assumes that an interrupt vector table has been previously
* initialized. It does not verify that entries in the table are valid before
* calling an interrupt handler.
* @param InstancePtr is a pointer to the XScuGic instance.
* @return None.
* @note None.
void XScuGic_InterruptHandler(XScuGic *InstancePtr)
What does XScuGic_InterruptHandler do?
u32 InterruptID;
u32 IntIDFull;
XScuGic_VectorTableEntry *TablePtr;

/* Assert that the pointer to the instance is valid
Xil_AssertVoid(InstancePtr != NULL);

* Read the int_ack register to identify the highest priority interrupt ID
* and make sure it is valid. Reading Int_Ack will clear the interrupt
* in the GIC.
IntIDFull = XScuGic_CPUReadReg(InstancePtr, XSCUGIC_INT_ACK_OFFSET);

goto IntrExit;

* If the interrupt is shared, do some locking here if there are multiple
* processors.
* If pre-eption is required:
* Re-enable pre-emption by setting the CPSR I bit for non-secure ,
* interrupts or the F bit for secure interrupts

* If we need to change security domains, issue a SMC instruction here.

* Execute the ISR. Jump into the Interrupt service routine based on the
* IRQSource. A software trigger is cleared by the ACK.
TablePtr = &(InstancePtr->Config->HandlerTable[InterruptID]);
if(TablePtr != NULL) {

* Write to the EOI register, we are all done here.
* Let this function return, the boot code will restore the stack.
XScuGic_CPUWriteReg(InstancePtr, XSCUGIC_EOI_OFFSET, IntIDFull);

* Return from the interrupt. Change security domains could happen here.
/** @} */
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Re: What does XScuGic_InterruptHandler do?

Hi @wpmoorenasa,
As you can see the documentation in the source code is quite comprehensive on this function so I don't think creating a forum post to copy over the test takes much sense. Anyway thanks for participating in the forum, and would be nice to mark your post as solution as at least somebody could identify that you answered to your question.

Don’t forget to reply, kudo, and accept as solution.
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