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Observer arkay99
Registered: ‎06-19-2018

When debugging Zynq 7020 how to make Console 0 default?

I'm using SDK 2018.2. but have this small issue with 2016.4, 2017.4, and 2018.1 also. When I choose System Debugger on Local, after the code is downloaded, on my system (Win 7, Win 10), the console that is shown is always the console attached to Core #1, not Core #0. I have no code on Core #1, and only wish to work on Core #0 and have printf's outputting from that core. I know I can set a breakpoint, or set the debug to stop at main, which is what I do, then select the console for Core #0 and hit F8, however, I can't find a preference to have it default to Core #0. Also, is there a preference to have the SDK Terminal be the default output window without having to choose it every time I start the debugger after I stop it.


I know it's only a few keystrokes, but it becomes tiresome.


Is there a way to accomplish this?

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Registered: ‎10-06-2016

Re: When debugging Zynq 7020 how to make Console 0 default?

Hi @arkay99,


I'm not sure if I understood properly your issue... I guess that you mean that the console is connected by default to a different serial port that then one used in Core#0, isn't it?


If so the easier way might be change your BSP setting to select a different uart for the stdin/stdout so it matches with the default SDK console configuration.



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