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Registered: ‎06-13-2017

Why is Vitis secretly staging files to CM?

I just noticed that Vitis is quietly adding files for staging to change management.  For example, when I delete a directory in Vitis, I expect to see the change reflected in git as an unstaged commit.  But I see Vitis is actually adding it to staging.  Is there a way to make it NOT do this?  Quietly adding things to staging without the user knowing is very dangerous.  I spent most of the day deleting a file and checking it back out, thinking that I was reverting back to its original state.  But because Vitis was quietly adding it to staging, it wasn't actually reverting the file.  It was actually reverting it back to whatever state it was when it secretly added it to staging.  A tool should never silently add changes to change management.  The user should explicitly add the necessary changes to change management.  Vitis is being entirely too invasive here.

Standard practice is you either write detailed .gitignore files so you can then just run "git add -A", or you review your unstaged changes and add only what needs to be committed.  Anything I saw in the staging area was put there purposely by me.  Once I selected the files to stage, I could safely run "git commit" to commit my changes.  Now I'm very concerned that Vitis has been secretly adding files to staging without giving me the chance to select what I want to commit.  Until today, it was safe to assume that whatever was added to staging, was added by me the user.  Vitis is the first tool I've ever seen that quietly adds files to staging with no notification to the user.  Please STOP doing this.  Now I have to review my past commits and ask myself did I do that, or did Vitis do that?  What other changes did Vitis add that I did not authorize??


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