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Registered: ‎02-22-2017

XSDK Hangs in while debugging when breakpoint is placed in IRQhandler and IRQhandler contains an logical or arithmetic instruction

I am using XSDK 2016.4 and QEMU and the platform is ZCU102. OS is Ubuntu 14.04


I am trying to extract the peripheral number and perform some other tasks in the IRQ handler.



  stmdb sp!,{R0-R3,R12,lr}        /* state save from compiled code*/
  ldr     r1,=0xf900100C
  ldr     r0,[r1]
  and   r0, r0, #0x3FF     /* Get the peripheral number */

  ldmia    sp!,{R0-R3,R12,lr}        /* state restore from compiled code */
  subs    pc, lr, #4   


Now if I place a breakpoint in this handler, the SDK hangs as soon as the core reaches the handler.

If now I comment the and instruction, I can perform single stepping in the IRQHandler. The problem persists if instead of and instruction I use any other logical or arithmetic instruction (eg. lsl, orr, add). 


Sometimes the entire PC hangs.


Is this a known issue? What do I do?

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