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Registered: ‎11-24-2013

lwIP auto MDIX problem

Hi all,


as my board has by default the auto MDIX option enabled for the Ethernet module, depending of the switch to which I connect it, it uses some pairs or some others for transnmitting and receive data. All these configurations should work fine because of this protocol.


Now, the problem that I have is that lwIP-based programs running on a MicroBlathe with the Ethernet peripheral just work with the "standard" pin configuration. For example, if you are using a null modem configuration and you change to a straigth cable (and reset the system), it should continue working because my board changes the pins (you can see that on the leds on the board), but If you do that, lwIP stops working.


Does anyone know if there is any option for lwIP (I don't find any on "opt.h") to make it work with these multiple configurations?


Thanks in advance and regards,


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