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Registered: ‎08-30-2007

what is the difference(add ip)

ok ,now I want to add a GPIO for my AD, it can control the AD work well.
now i know there have two ways to do this ,:
1>  open the edk , and in the ip catalog , choose the GPIO ,add it ,and rename it in system assembly view as "AD"   and then give it address and port easily ,  but i know by this way i can find it in my project directory --pcores    ,that is also mean i can not add the user_logic (.hdl)
2> hardware----create and import peripheral  , to add a ip , then in the pcores file ,i can find it ,and add some my logic . but there i can not see it in system assembly view.
i am a new ,:smileytongue:   I can not understand each tool well still , ,hehe it is a shame to ask this question , but really want to know ,  
thanks a  million 
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Observer svenand
Registered: ‎08-13-2007

Re: what is the difference(add ip)

The GPIO peripheral is fixed. You can not make changes to it. To add your own logic you
have to to create and import a new peripheral into EDK. You can read more in my blog:

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