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Registered: ‎02-10-2019

AMP on ZynqMP APU only with petalinux and baremetal

Hi All,

I am trying to run both petalinux and baremetal c code on APU it seld. Like petalinux on 3 core and baremetal application on 4th core.

I have built petalinux restricting the number of cores to 3. And created the baremetal application for 4th core with simple "hello world" print in infinite while loop.

I am booting linux from SD card. Have packaged baremetal elf in BOOT.BIN

At the starting when linux starts booting both logs seems to be fine , But after linux boot baremetal code stops.

Is there any way to achieve this kind of AMP.

Both petalinux and baremetal should run respective cores independently .


Note: I can not use RPU cores due to some compatibility issue with my libraries.

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