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AR# 69415 : .gitignore of fsbl/.cproject leads to failed fsbl build

AR#69415 suggests to exclude */*/*/.cproject from the GIT revisioning. Though when trying to build the project from GIT without this file in place results in a build do_deploy task failure for fsbl due to a missing fsbl.elf. Apparently the .cproject file is not automaticallly created and needs to be in place for the FSBL build. 


Maybe someone knows, why this file was excluded from GIT in the first place?


P.S.: If the .cproject is missing the do_compile task is successful despite fsbl.elf is not created. This is probably some missing error checking.

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Xilinx Employee
Xilinx Employee
Registered: ‎06-29-2017

Re: AR# 69415 : .gitignore of fsbl/.cproject leads to failed fsbl build

The only reason for exluding is, it adds spces/files for each build.


we didn't face this issue, however you can either exclude components/plnx_workspace completly int .gitignore

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