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Visitor ganeshk
Registered: ‎10-20-2015

Adding Petalinux repository items to custom applications.

Greetings everyone,

I am adding custom application using Petalinux 2014.4 tools to a zedboard.

I need to access openssl-dev header files in the application.

I used ug1144 to add a custom application template and proceeded from it. Being a complete Linux novice,

I can't understand how to add libraries to my application.

I can see openssl headers and compiled library is present in 



As a hack, i unarchived them and tried to hardcode path and library name in application makefile - LDFLAGS and LDLIBS.

But I get numerous undefined reference errors.


Similarly, I followed this article to build openssl from source and have same issues when I compile my app.



I understand this issue is due to my lack of understanding of makefiles and petalinux. What changes are required in my makefile to unarchive openssl and reference them in my application? I would appreciate if someone explains me this in context of Petalinux distro.


Xilinx UG1144 explains how to add custom user libraries, but I think my query is more how to reference libararies in applications correctly.


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