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Registered: ‎05-04-2018

Autologin does not work in petalinux 2016.4

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Hi all,

i know that there are several questions like mine but it does not work yet on my Zybo board target. Though i tried a lot of threads in this forum but something is going wrong.

I am working with Petalinux 2016.4 and Zybo board 7010. I want simply to make an Autologin for my image as described in the manual ug1144(2016.4) and i tried this thread step by step.


My configurations are:

1- In /<project_dir>/bild/conf/local.conf i added the line

EXTRA_IMAGE_FEATURES = "debug-tweaks"

2- In /<project_dir>/project-spec/meta-plnx-generated/recipes-core/images/ i deleted the lines:

“inherit extrausers”

“usermod -P root root;”

3- I created a new app called autologin in recipes-apps

$ petalinux-create -t apps --template c --name myapp --enable

4- The file /<project_dir>/project-spec/meta-user/recipes-apps/autologin/ has the content:

# This file is the autologin recipe.
SUMMARY = "Simple autologin application"

LIC_FILES_CHKSUM = "file://${COMMON_LICENSE_DIR}/MIT;md5=0835ade698e0bcf8506ecda2f7b4f302"
SRC_URI = "file://autologin.c \
		file://Makefile \
		file:// \
INITSCRIPT_NAME = "autologin"

S = "${WORKDIR}"

inherit update-rc.d

do_compile() {

do_install() {
		install -d ${D}${bindir}
		install -m 0755 autologin ${D}${bindir}
		install -d ${D}${sysconfdir}/init.d/
		install -m 0755 ${D}${sysconfdir}/init.d/autologin

5- Finally, /<project_dir>/project-spec/meta-user/recipes-apps/autologin/autologin/ has the content:

exec /bin/login -f root

but i am getting in console always the following output:

INFO: The image provided is a zImage
INFO: TCP PORT is free 
INFO: Starting arm QEMU
INFO:  qemu-system-aarch64 -M arm-generic-fdt-plnx -machine linux=on   -serial /dev/null -serial mon:stdio -display none -kernel /home/avt/Abdulkarim/PetalinuxProjects/VDMA/build/qemu_image.elf -gdb tcp::9000 -dtb /home/avt/Abdulkarim/PetalinuxProjects/VDMA/pre-built/linux/images/system.dtb  -net nic,vlan=1 -net user,vlan=1 -net nic -tftp /tftpboot -device loader,addr=0xf8000008,data=0xDF0D,data-len=4 -device loader,addr=0xf8000140,data=0x00500801,data-len=4 -device loader,addr=0xf800012c,data=0x1ed044d,data-len=4 -device loader,addr=0xf8000108,data=0x0001e008,data-len=4  
qemu-system-aarch64: -tftp /tftpboot: The -tftp option is deprecated. Please use '-netdev user,tftp=...' instead.
Warning: vlan 0 is not connected to host network
rom: requested regions overlap (rom dtb. free=0x00000000fffffff8, addr=0x0000000008000000)
Uncompressing Linux... done, booting the kernel.
Booting Linux on physical CPU 0x0
Linux version 4.6.0-xilinx (avt@avt-1220605-1470124) (gcc version 5.2.1 20151005 (Linaro GCC 5.2-2015.11-2) ) #2 SMP PREEMPT Mon Apr 15 11:17:00 CEST 2019
CPU: ARMv7 Processor [410fc090] revision 0 (ARMv7), cr=10c5387d
CPU: PIPT / VIPT nonaliasing data cache, VIPT nonaliasing instruction cache
Machine model: VDMA
bootconsole [earlycon0] enabled
cma: Reserved 16 MiB at 0x3f000000
Memory policy: Data cache writealloc
percpu: Embedded 12 pages/cpu @ef7d3000 s19776 r8192 d21184 u49152
Built 1 zonelists in Zone order, mobility grouping on.  Total pages: 260608
Kernel command line: console=ttyPS0,115200 earlyprintk
PID hash table entries: 4096 (order: 2, 16384 bytes)
Dentry cache hash table entries: 131072 (order: 7, 524288 bytes)
Inode-cache hash table entries: 65536 (order: 6, 262144 bytes)
Memory: 1010216K/1048576K available (5286K kernel code, 230K rwdata, 1848K rodata, 5120K init, 222K bss, 21976K reserved, 16384K cma-reserved, 245760K highmem)
Virtual kernel memory layout:
    vector  : 0xffff0000 - 0xffff1000   (   4 kB)
    fixmap  : 0xffc00000 - 0xfff00000   (3072 kB)
    vmalloc : 0xf0800000 - 0xff800000   ( 240 MB)
    lowmem  : 0xc0000000 - 0xf0000000   ( 768 MB)
    pkmap   : 0xbfe00000 - 0xc0000000   (   2 MB)
    modules : 0xbf000000 - 0xbfe00000   (  14 MB)
      .text : 0xc0008000 - 0xc07f793c   (8127 kB)
      .init : 0xc0800000 - 0xc0d00000   (5120 kB)
      .data : 0xc0d00000 - 0xc0d39ba0   ( 231 kB)
       .bss : 0xc0d39ba0 - 0xc0d713a4   ( 223 kB)
Preemptible hierarchical RCU implementation.
	Build-time adjustment of leaf fanout to 32.
	RCU restricting CPUs from NR_CPUS=4 to nr_cpu_ids=2.
RCU: Adjusting geometry for rcu_fanout_leaf=32, nr_cpu_ids=2
NR_IRQS:16 nr_irqs:16 16
efuse mapped to f0802000
slcr mapped to f0804000
L2C: platform modifies aux control register: 0x00000000 -> 0x30400000
L2C: DT/platform modifies aux control register: 0x00000000 -> 0x30400000
L2C-310 errata 588369 769419 enabled
L2C-310 full line of zeros enabled for Cortex-A9
L2C-310 cache controller enabled, 8 ways, 64 kB
L2C-310: CACHE_ID 0x00000000, AUX_CTRL 0x00000000
zynq_clock_init: clkc starts at f0804100
Zynq clock init
global-timer: non support for this cpu version.
clocksource: ttc_clocksource: mask: 0xffff max_cycles: 0xffff, max_idle_ns: 826992825 ns
sched_clock: 16 bits at 35kHz, resolution 28357ns, wraps every 929205421ns
timer #0 at f080c000, irq=16
Console: colour dummy device 80x30
Calibrating delay loop... 1718.68 BogoMIPS (lpj=8593408)
pid_max: default: 32768 minimum: 301
Mount-cache hash table entries: 2048 (order: 1, 8192 bytes)
Mountpoint-cache hash table entries: 2048 (order: 1, 8192 bytes)
CPU: Testing write buffer coherency: ok
CPU0: thread -1, cpu 0, socket 0, mpidr 80000000
Setting up static identity map for 0x100000 - 0x100058
CPU1: thread -1, cpu 1, socket 0, mpidr 80000001
Brought up 2 CPUs
SMP: Total of 2 processors activated (2984.34 BogoMIPS).
CPU: WARNING: CPU(s) started in wrong/inconsistent modes (primary CPU mode 0x13)
CPU: This may indicate a broken bootloader or firmware.
devtmpfs: initialized
VFP support v0.3: implementor 41 architecture 3 part 30 variant 9 rev 0
clocksource: jiffies: mask: 0xffffffff max_cycles: 0xffffffff, max_idle_ns: 19112604462750000 ns
pinctrl core: initialized pinctrl subsystem
NET: Registered protocol family 16
DMA: preallocated 256 KiB pool for atomic coherent allocations
cpuidle: using governor menu
hw-breakpoint: debug architecture 0x4 unsupported.
zynq-ocm f800c000.ocmc: can't request region for resource [mem 0x0000000c-0x0003ffff]
zynq-ocm: probe of f800c000.ocmc failed with error -16
zynq-pinctrl 700.pinctrl: zynq pinctrl initialized
vgaarb: loaded
SCSI subsystem initialized
usbcore: registered new interface driver usbfs
usbcore: registered new interface driver hub
usbcore: registered new device driver usb
media: Linux media interface: v0.10
Linux video capture interface: v2.00
pps_core: LinuxPPS API ver. 1 registered
pps_core: Software ver. 5.3.6 - Copyright 2005-2007 Rodolfo Giometti <>
PTP clock support registered
EDAC MC: Ver: 3.0.0
Advanced Linux Sound Architecture Driver Initialized.
clocksource: Switched to clocksource ttc_clocksource
NET: Registered protocol family 2
TCP established hash table entries: 8192 (order: 3, 32768 bytes)
TCP bind hash table entries: 8192 (order: 4, 65536 bytes)
TCP: Hash tables configured (established 8192 bind 8192)
UDP hash table entries: 512 (order: 2, 16384 bytes)
UDP-Lite hash table entries: 512 (order: 2, 16384 bytes)
NET: Registered protocol family 1
RPC: Registered named UNIX socket transport module.
RPC: Registered udp transport module.
RPC: Registered tcp transport module.
RPC: Registered tcp NFSv4.1 backchannel transport module.
hw perfevents: enabled with armv7_cortex_a9 PMU driver, 1 counters available
futex hash table entries: 512 (order: 3, 32768 bytes)
workingset: timestamp_bits=28 max_order=18 bucket_order=0
jffs2: version 2.2. (NAND) (SUMMARY)  © 2001-2006 Red Hat, Inc.
bounce: pool size: 64 pages
io scheduler noop registered
io scheduler deadline registered
io scheduler cfq registered (default)
dma-pl330 f8003000.dmac: Loaded driver for PL330 DMAC-241330
dma-pl330 f8003000.dmac: 	DBUFF-256x8bytes Num_Chans-8 Num_Peri-4 Num_Events-16
xilinx-vdma 43000000.dma: Xilinx AXI VDMA Engine Driver Probed!!
e0001000.serial: ttyPS0 at MMIO 0xe0001000 (irq = 142, base_baud = 992063) is a xuartps
console [ttyPS0] enabled
console [ttyPS0] enabled
bootconsole [earlycon0] disabled
bootconsole [earlycon0] disabled
xdevcfg f8007000.devcfg: ioremap 0xf8007000 to f08b0000
[drm] Initialized drm 1.1.0 20060810
brd: module loaded
loop: module loaded
m25p80 spi0.0: m25p80 (1024 Kbytes)
4 ofpart partitions found on MTD device spi0.0
Creating 4 MTD partitions on "spi0.0":
0x000000000000-0x000000500000 : "boot"
mtd: partition "boot" extends beyond the end of device "spi0.0" -- size truncated to 0x100000
0x000000500000-0x000000520000 : "bootenv"
mtd: partition "bootenv" is out of reach -- disabled
0x000000520000-0x000000fa0000 : "kernel"
mtd: partition "kernel" is out of reach -- disabled
0x000000fa0000-0x000000100000 : "spare"
mtd: partition "spare" is out of reach -- disabled
CAN device driver interface
gpiod_set_value: invalid GPIO
libphy: MACB_mii_bus: probed
macb e000b000.ethernet eth0: Cadence GEM rev 0x00020118 at 0xe000b000 irq 144 (00:0a:35:00:1e:53)
Generic PHY e000b000.etherne:00: attached PHY driver [Generic PHY] (mii_bus:phy_addr=e000b000.etherne:00, irq=-1)
e1000e: Intel(R) PRO/1000 Network Driver - 3.2.6-k
e1000e: Copyright(c) 1999 - 2015 Intel Corporation.
ehci_hcd: USB 2.0 'Enhanced' Host Controller (EHCI) Driver
ehci-pci: EHCI PCI platform driver
usbcore: registered new interface driver usb-storage
mousedev: PS/2 mouse device common for all mice
i2c /dev entries driver
EDAC MC: ECC not enabled
Xilinx Zynq CpuIdle Driver started
sdhci: Secure Digital Host Controller Interface driver
sdhci: Copyright(c) Pierre Ossman
sdhci-pltfm: SDHCI platform and OF driver helper
mmc0: SDHCI controller on e0100000.sdhci [e0100000.sdhci] using DMA
ledtrig-cpu: registered to indicate activity on CPUs
usbcore: registered new interface driver usbhid
usbhid: USB HID core driver
NET: Registered protocol family 10
sit: IPv6 over IPv4 tunneling driver
NET: Registered protocol family 17
can: controller area network core (rev 20120528 abi 9)
NET: Registered protocol family 29
can: raw protocol (rev 20120528)
can: broadcast manager protocol (rev 20120528 t)
can: netlink gateway (rev 20130117) max_hops=1
zynq_pm_remap_ocm: OCM pool is not available
zynq_pm_suspend_init: Unable to map OCM.
Registering SWP/SWPB emulation handler
hctosys: unable to open rtc device (rtc0)
ALSA device list:
  No soundcards found.
Warning: unable to open an initial console.
Freeing unused kernel memory: 5120K (c0800000 - c0d00000)
hrtimer: interrupt took 40210980 ns
random: dd urandom read with 0 bits of entropy available
IPv6: ADDRCONF(NETDEV_UP): eth0: link is not ready

PetaLinux 2016.4 plnx_arm /dev/ttyPS0

plnx_arm login: 

 I also tried to change /etc/inittab file in rootfs by doing a patch but the patch was ignored. It would be nice to give suggestions how to deal with this problem.


Best regards,

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Registered: ‎05-04-2018

I am using Petalinux 2018.2 now and it is working fine!

View solution in original post

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Registered: ‎05-04-2018

I am using Petalinux 2018.2 now and it is working fine!

View solution in original post

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