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Visitor vale_marche
Registered: ‎01-16-2018

Configuring Video Test Pattern Generator 7.0 for video input pass through by using Linux driver

Hi all, 

it's my first post/question to the community, although I've been regularly searching through its great resources (mostly with success!) for almost one year (before then I worked with Altera many years).

In my current project, I have to capture images from a camera and process them in real time in the video streaming mode by applying algorithms from OpenCV (compiled by HLS to IP cores) and of my own (to be implemented yet).

For prototyping I'm using a ZC702 board and and the Zynq base reference design.

My approach I'm trying to proceed with is to feed the image data from the camera into the video stream processing pipeline through the s_axis_video input of the Video Test Pattern Generator (TPG v7.0). (The camera's parallel video data are converted into a video stream by the Video In to AXI4-stream IP).

The reference design doesn't use the video input pass through functionality of the TPG, and so I 'm stuck for a while in searching how to add it. (The TPG Linux driver, xilinx-tpg.c, deploys lots of V4L2 APIs and structures to initialize and access the TPG, and I've just started to get familiar with V4L2.)

Has anybody already worked with the TPG 7.0 in the pass through mode under control of the Linux driver and could share the experience, links and any pieces of advice on that?




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Visitor kostya.an
Registered: ‎07-07-2019

Re: Configuring Video Test Pattern Generator 7.0 for video input pass through by using Linux driver

Did you find a solution? Do you have any advice how activate TPG pass through mode from Linux?

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