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Registered: ‎06-10-2015

Cross-compiling Shared Libraries Xilinx Open Source LInux


I've been using the microzed with z7010 for a short while now now and I've been attempting to run C++ applications on the Xilinx Linux on the board. I was successful and building a hello world project (in the Xilinx SDK) and run it on the boards Linux kernel. However I've been terribly unsuccessful building a project with some open source libraries. I've been attempting to cross compile a open source shared library called LCM. I configured it to target the arm processor but hit dependency issues with another common library glib. I After attempted to configure it to target the arm processor but had some trouble. some frustration I mounted the sd card with XIlinux from Xillybus to build the solutions on the actual board. This worked but is not desirable as I will need to build a project with a rather large file system. Are there any tools or helpful hints for cross compiling C/C++ libraries and programs. I will need to build a large repo using cmake but must ensure all dependencies work.

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