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Visitor boffin
Registered: ‎01-06-2013

EXT2 image (ramdisk.image.gz) in Mixroblaze Linux compilation

I am porting Linux (Sabre Tooth Squirrel from linux-xlnx GIT) to a Microblaze system. I am wondering if we can use ramdisk.image.gz method (like in PPC) as opposed to initramfs.cpio.gz (ie. using an EXT2 file system image instead of a CPIO archive)


I do not have root access to create 'dev' file entries in the CPIO file. On the other hand it is possible to creeate dev entries using the genext2fs command.


Is EXT2 filesystem image supported in Microblaze kernel builds ?


I have read this article: https://www.kernel.org/doc/Documentation/filesystems/ramfs-rootfs-initramfs.txt

But I cannot determine if ramdisk is usabe instead of initramfs


----- MORE INFO ------

I created a ramdisk image for microblaze and tried compiling it in the kernel. I see that compilation crashes with some junk characters in the terminal. I have attached my build log.


Thank you for your interest


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