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Visitor sunhaoseu
Registered: ‎09-15-2018

Error when moving project from linux to zedboard

I was trying to port a project with PCL library from Linux to zedboard.At first,I cross compiled the PCL library and its dependency libraries by arm-linux-gnueabihf-gcc/g++ and got the static libraries.And then I built the project by SDX software and got the sd-card executable files(.elf) successfully.


Then I copyed related files to sd card and try to run it.However,there was a problem when run to the second while loop.From error log it seemed that the problem happened because of the eigen library(a dependency library of PCL). The official website of eigen gieves four possible causes while no one can solve my problem.I can run the project on Ubuntu16.04 without any error.


error information:

Loam-Release.elf: /usr/arm_build/eigen/Eigen/src/Core/DenseStorage.h:109: Eigen::internal::plain_array<T, Size, MatrixOrArrayOptions, 16>::plain_array() [with T = float; int Size = 4; int MatrixOrArrayOptions = 0]: Assertion `(internal::UIntPtr(eigen_unaligned_array_assert_workaround_gcc47(array)) & (15)) == 0 && "this assertion is explained here: " "http://eigen.tuxfamily.org/dox-devel/group__TopicUnalignedArrayAssert.html" " **** READ THIS WEB PAGE !!! ****"' failed.


Eigen official error page:



Interrupt syntax:

std::vector<pcl::PointCloud<PointType> > laserCloudScans(N_SCANS);


more information about PointCloud:

PointCloud () : 
header (), points (), width (0), height (0), is_dense (true),
sensor_origin_ (Eigen::Vector4f::Zero ()), sensor_orientation_ (Eigen::Quaternionf::Identity ()),mapping_ ()



Could you give me some advice on this error?

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