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Registered: ‎11-09-2020

Fail to acquire good results while executing and implementating C ++ program in Xilinx SDx on zedboard with no build issues.

Hello Everyone,
I am newbie to Xilinx Platform, please provide your suggestion.
> Platform: Xilinx SDx 2019.1 Board: Zedboard
> I have a general question, when a C ++ program executes with good result in one platform, but good results are not obtained while executing the same program in Xilinx SDSoC platform without build errors and implemented on zedboard.
> In my case,
Acquisition program in C ++ works perfect in Qt Creator Application with incomming.bin file, signals are acquired.
But while implementing and executing the same program in Xilinx SDx on zedboard by providing the same incomming.bin file from petalinux root directory structure, no signals are acquired and also there is no build errors.
> Can anyone please suggest, what are the pre-requisites that must be taken before importing the program on Xilinx SDx? And also is the declaration of variables differs in XIlinx SDx when compared from other platforms?
Thank you
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