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Registered: ‎11-05-2018

Linux fiesystem question


I am a conventional RTL engineer, learning the ropes on the inner workings of Linux courtesy a Zynq-MPSOC implementation. So here's a basic question. I want to work with Ubuntu instead of Petalinux, and I have read solutions on how to do that - all of which basically say that the the boot.bin and image.ub file created using the petalinux commands (petalinux-build, petalinux-boot etc) need to put in the boot partition of an SD card, and the Ubuntu filesystem needs to be placed in the other partition on the SD card. I have two questions about this.

1. A conceptual question: Is having a different filesystem the only difference between booting as Petalinux or Ubuntu. I would have thought that the kernel would have to be different, but maybe that;s not the case. I am making the assumption that kernel is the same since the instructions for booting Ubuntu still calls for using the image.ub image from Petalinux.


2. Related to the pointing to a filesystem different from INITRAMFS, is it possible to use the QSPI to store the Ubuntu filesystem instead of SD card. (JFSS partition)?

Thanks for your explanation.


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