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Observer hu_kang
Registered: ‎10-28-2018

Looking for a ready to use ubuntu 16.04 desktop image/rootfs on Zynq ultrascale+ with display


Does anyone succeeded to run ubuntu desktop 16.04 or higher on zynq ultrascale+ yet?

I have succeeded running ubuntu from the tutorial  Zynq+UltraScale+MPSoC+Ubuntu+part+2+-+Building+and+Running+the+Ubuntu+Desktop+From+Sources, the ubuntu release is  15.04, but we need 16.04.

I tried to install the ubuntu 16.04 arm64 base cd image, by now I had successfully booted into a ubuntu 16.04 base image from cdimage.ubuntu.com and have issues with the desktop gui environment. I edited the rootfs with chroot and qemu-aarch64 similiar as building-ubuntu-rootfs-for-arm . Installed a lot packages including ubuntu-desktop in tty console, but there are a lot issues going on, and not easy to deal with. the kernel is from the above xilinx tutorial, versioned "4.14.0-xilinx-v2018.1'.

The Desktop won't launch due to some "G_IS_DBUS_CONNECTION (connection) failed " error if I try to run




I took a look at the image in Ubuntu_Desktop_Release_2018_1.zip from the tutorial and saw that there are xilinx specific launch procedures including some driver insertion and environmental setup, I figured that there must be a lot of other xilinx stuff going on in that Release.

So does there exist a ready to use 16.04 xilinx ubuntu release ?

If so, does anyone know where to find it ?

Does the ubuntu_desktop_release mentioned above release regularly or is it just a demo?

if 16.04 xilinx ubuntu does not exit, then is there some tutorial that introduce the ubuntu/linux desktop migration/launch guide?

Thanks !



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